Hey everyone! I’m taking my computer science master degree, and currently studying some algorithms that are not very spoken about in the mainstream literature (aka. medium articles and other blog posts). If you would like to learn about algorithms that are not so much spoken about but don’t have the patience to dive into thick research papers, this article is for you.

This post is about the Mesa-Gries algorithm. It is a rather simple algorithm, that is used in the streaming model to count the so-called Heavy hitters. …

Hey everyone and welcome back for the part. 2 of the sports betting dApp we started to develop (part one is available here). This part will cover all the front-end development, using the React framework.

Let’s start by listing the different elements needed in the front-end : one div to display the informations about the Team A, and one div to display the informations about the Team B. Each div will also contain an input and a button to allow the user to bet on his favorite team.

We will also make a button to trigger the “Team A win”…

Hey everyone, I recently learned how to make a distributed applications with the ethereum technology, but as a beginner in web development i had a lot of troubles finding a tutorial that could be easy to understand and cover all the aspects of making a dapp, from the first line of code to the deployment on the ethereum network. …

Stéphane Guichard

CS MSc Student in Copenhagen - Tech & Innovation lover https://www.linkedin.com/in/steph-guichard/?locale=en_US

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